Smart Stable

At Trinity we are proud to call ourselves a "Smart Stable." For more information, or to learn about how you can turn your Stable into an environmentally friendly one, call us to schedule a tour. Our Smart Stable has the following features:

  1. Trinity Stables uses solar panels for all its electrical needs.

  2. Trinity Stables uses pea gravel in the stalls to reduce waste and dust. In addition, pea gravel provides many other benefits for our horses. (Click here for more information on using pea gravel in horse stalls.) 

  3. The water at Trinity Stables is ground spring water. It does not have additives or chemicals and is naturally treated.

  4. Trinity Stables has designed a unique watering system that conserves water and provides consistent clean running water to our horses at all times. Visit us to see our new innovative watering system.

  5. Trinity Stables is dedicated to keeping our environment clean and healthy. Another way we help our environment is by planting native  trees  throughout our property.  We promote water conservation by embracing the xeriscape concept. We love our environment and want to keep it healthy! 

Thanks to this great team for designing and constructing the Trinity Smart Stable! 

Mathew Thomas, Architect
Dennis Thiel, Engineer
John Montoya, Construction Manager 

If you would like help building your "Smart Stable" contact Trinity at 480-242-0939.


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